I had an operation on my leg that time, and I was bedridden. And I was a dancer that I was very active. For me to be stuck in bed was horrible. So, what I’m trying to say is, I was utterly bored that I decided to just write a story about a king. That was the very first draft of “Revenge on Royalty” (RoR) and it is different – way different – from what it is now. Anyways, writing RoR was like therapy for me. It helped me escape so much of my problems. Then I had a project a few years later in my university that I had to animate a scene and create a script. I misread the instructions that I wrote a whole movie script based on RoR. Apparently, we just needed a one page scene and not an entire script. So, yeah. I did my project, and my whole class and my professor seemed to like the concept of RoR. I told my uncle, and he sort of convinced me to self-publish RoR. Ever since then, I worked on this passion project of mine. And now here we are.