The Benfield Palace, the palace in the capital of Farindon which is Benfield, is something that is loosely based on the Catherine Palace. You see, I always pictured the colour of the Benfield Palace to be Blue and Yellow (The Yellow Diamond, or the Ruellia Palace, on the other hands, is green and yellow). And I wanted the Benfield Palace to be grand in a way where you can’t help but just gawk at it. When I was researching, that was when I found the Catherine Palace that I used this as my muse for the Benfield Palace. There are more gardens in the Benfield Palace, though, because King Sevrin and his mother are fanatics of roses. They thrive knowing that they are surrounded by roses that the old queen, Sevrin’s mother, made it her goal to suffocate the palace with overwhelming and gorgeous gardens that held the most beautiful roses and the grandest trees. So yeah. Add more gardens in the Catherine Palace, especially in the centre of the palace, and you have the Benfield Palace!








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