Sanborne Royal Family

  1. Victor Caliste
  2. Katharina Caliste
  3. Miles Caliste
  4. Pierce Caliste

Extended members or characters related to the Sanborne Royal Family

  1. The courtesan Arabella
  2. Selene

Farindon Royal Family

  1. The Old Queen
  2. Sevrin Ancariis
  3. Rauve Ancariis
  4. Maxencia Ancariis
  5. Elaine Ancariis
  6. Parcin Ancariis
  7. Abigail Ancariis (First wife of Sevrin)
  8. The Duchess Cassandra (Second wife of Sevrin)
  9. Avery Ancariis
  10. Ambrose Ancariis

The Wintermans

  1. Oliver Winterman
  2. The courtesan Bea (Beatrice)
  3. Claude Witnerman

The Royal Guards of the Benfield Palace, also the personal guards of the royal family

  1. Captain Cedric
  2. Commander Peter
  3. Sir Frank
  4. Gregory Quintin
  5. William
  6. Mathew
  7. Adam
  8. Wesley
  9. Elijah
  10. Zachary

The Irmingards

  1. Linette Irmingard
  2. Henry Irmingard
  3. Emma Irmingard
  4. Charlotte Irmingard
  5. Barnaby (Charlotte’s husband)

Other people employed in the Benfield Palace

  1. The advisor, Gavin Sauvon
  2. The chambermaid Veronica

William’s family

  1. Marjory
  2. Edward (William and Marjory’s first son)
  3. Edmund (William and Marjory’s second son)

The Lancasters

  1. Agnes


*These are only the people with names given in the first book. More of their descriptions in the next entries, and there are more characters in the following book (I honestly don’t know how my head has managed to stay sane with all of these characters)