Lana Del Rey is absolutely beautiful in all aspects. I adore her, and her music is enchanting in such a haunting manner that I could not help but be seduced by her words and her voice. It is temptation in such a mystical way. It speaks to me in a manner that most people cannot do. ILana2t sparks so many damn emotions inside of me, emotions that I refuse to notice, emotions that I handle with such care. And the words she uses are such an enigma that I find myself chained to her every move regardless of her dark themes. And that is why she is the only singer who I would listen whenever I’m writing about Claude, one of the main people in Revenge on Royalty. Her songs truly embody what I see Claude as.

And here’s how I see Claude. He (he was originally supposed to be a woman, but I didn’t want to make another femme fatale who would easily fall into the mountains of femme fatales who play the usual role we
‘ve been seeing for decades) is moonlight. That is how I see him. He is someone who dwells in the darkness and hides from the sunlight because the sunlight would burn him mercilessly. And we need the moonlight, and there are people who desire that moonlight. You cannot escape him. Once the night comes, there he is, and you are attracted to that light. He is seduction, temptation, sin and salvation. And I, personally, cannot escape Claude. All he needs to do is stand in front of me, and I am at his mercy. And that is how Lana’s songs make me feel. So when I hear her songs, I see Claude.