The two kingdoms of Farindon and Sanborne and their two bastards searching for revenge and justice

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Valerie Vibar, born and raised in the the centre of Manila, has grown up with a great love for the arts often searching for it because of the safety it has always given her. With a background in art, music, and performing, Valerie has a special relationship with her emotions and can never stay away from expressing her passions.

Being an educator of numerous languages, music, dance, art, and acting to numerous organisations and also trained in public speaking, she is no stranger to weaving words for an audience from different backgrounds. Also trained in classical acting, she has been exposed to the likes of great playwrights such as Shakespeare and Chekhov. It is also due to her acting – she has experience in theatre, film, and television – that she has been exposed to numerous poets, too, such as Pablo Neruda, e.e Cummings, and more.

Having studied art in the USA, she is familiar of the classical masters – Van Gogh, Monet, Dali, Da Vinci, and others – and has been influenced by the Dallas art community wherein she was mentored by numerous contemporary artists, some of whom are known in the Dallas Art District and some of whom have contributed to the precious works of Disney.

Valerie has contributed her art to numerous art communities in the Philippines and Texas, USA and also to numerous events hosted by UNESCO.

For her performing, Valerie has performed for the following; Fringe Theatre, Gantimpala Theatre, North Lake Theatre, Concert at the Park at Luneta Park, numerous independent films and major TV stations in the Philippines, and more.

You can contact her through her Facebook:

Just shook her a message there. She’s sure to reply. Attached also is a copy of her performing resume complete with her contact information.